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Welcome to the Portland Tennis Center
324 NE 12th Avenue • Portland, Oregon 97232
Phone: (503) 823 - 3189

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Monday - Friday 5:30AM to 11:00PM
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Health Talk on Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 1:15pm with Dr. Simon Agger.

Dr. Simon Agger is a holistic doctor who focuses on reducing inflammation, improving performance, and injury prevention. He works with people from all walks of life to extend their recreational, sporting, and work activities. He has an active 20 year old practice here in Portland, is an Attending Chiropractor for the Oregon Ballet Theatre, a past Nike Masters Games Physician, and a Clinical Nutritionist. Dr. Agger looks forward to sharing his knowledge and insight with you so you can enjoy a higher level of performance.

Register for the event on Courtbookings under Health Talks. 


ATTENTION Portland Tennis Community & PTC Patrons: PTC full service staff of USPTA/USPTR Certified Tennis Professionals, are now available to the public online with Portland Tennis Bookings, to be booked for Private, Semi-Private Lessons, Drills, Stroke of the Week, Cardio, Serving Clinics etc., so look for your favorite pro and sign up. PTC Coaching Staff: DJ (Darrell Janssen), Taylor Dupre, Seven Weiland, Lawrence Smith, Jason Mounger, James Crutchfield, Andrew Pritchard, Siamak Hajarizadeh, Tato Zedginidze, Maureen Harwood, Alex Emerson & Peter Katon.

Reminder we have a Micro-Gym upstairs with Bosu Balls, Terra Core, Treadmill, Rowing Machine, Medicine Balls, Yoga Mats, and Jump Ropes. We are still taking equipment donations if you have any exercise equipment to add to our Micro-Gym. When using the exercise area please be respectful of players on court. Also, please sanitize the equipment and roll up yoga mats after use.

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